Classic lines, atypical fabrics

Every week Louise finds a fabric from the big houses to revisit your classic pieces and offer you a unique model! Overalls, capes, trench coats, discover Louise's haute couture surprise every week, always in a very limited edition.

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Classic lines, atypical fabrics, unique piece!

Cultivate your uniqueness

  • Exceptional fabrics

    Louise selects fabrics from major fashion houses.

  • Upcycling

    A method allowing you to reuse already produced fabrics to avoid producing yourself

  • The Soubacq touch

    Offering you a classic, timeless piece: Work overalls, trench coat, capes (more to come...)

  • Limited edition

    This responsible manufacturing makes each piece a limited, numbered edition.

  • Made in Europe

    Made in the best workshops in Europe

“Les originaux ont une assez belle vie quand ils réussissent à faire respecter leur originalité.” Kundera |
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