Collection: Soubacq x Bigaignon

Leave the warm sand behind for a “Interlude bleu” to which the Bigaignon gallery and the Bleu Soubacq are right for you.

During a capsule exhibition around the work of Thomas Paquet “They listen to color” and a parade of eight unique Blues, Soubacq and the Bigaignon gallery sign an unprecedented collaboration!

In 2021, while the Bigaignon gallery is moving into its new space at 18 rue du Bourg Tibourg, the gallery owner decides to collaborate with stylist Katarzyna Cichy from Maison Margiela to design a gallerist jacket, a completely new piece of work clothing!

Le Bleu Soubacq puts aside its traditional blues for an exhibition and creates seven unique models for the Bigaignon gallery with its exceptional fabrics.

A unique collection to discover from August 17 to 27 at the Bigaignon gallery.

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